Corporate profile

Company NameSubaru Logistics Co., Ltd.
EstablishedJuly 1, 2004(Unification)
•Subaru Physical Distribution Company (March 27, 1986)
•Subaru K. D. Logistics Co., Ltd. (October 13, 1988)
Capital96 million yen(wholly owned by SUBARU CORPORATION)
Sales22.0 billion yen(FY 2016)
RepresentativeTamaki Kamogawa, Representative Director, President & CEO
Employees410: regular: 320, contract/part-time: 90(current as of April 2017)
Offices and PDI CentersHead office (Ota), Parts Center Office, Utsunomiya Office, Handa Office
Tohoku PDI Center, Ota PDI Center, Kanagawa PDI Center
Toki PDI Center, Kansai PDI Center, Fukuoka PDI Center
Contents of Business1.Automobile logistics operations
(1) Transportation of commodity automobiles
(2) Delivery servicing

2.Parts logistics operations
(1) CKD pass-through parts packing and transportation for SIA in the US
(2) Packing and transportation of domestic and overseas service parts
(3) Procurement logistics, domestic transport of imported parts between factories and transport of parts for airplanes
(4) Finisher line anti-rust work, non-line customized construction, automobile parts stock management and inspection operations, other activities