KD and Auto Parts Logistics Division

Shipping Subaru parts world-wide by high-quality transportation — A superior management ability in parts packing and transportation —

The parts distribution of Subaru Logistics cultivated in a busy distribution environment realizes a waste-free load eciency through optimized packing and vanning planning (container loading). We perform high level transportation of various parts, from large bumpers to small engine parts.

Flow of packing and transportation of CKD parts for North American SIA

Packing and transportation of CKD parts for North American SIA

Exporting to North America with an optimal loading efficiency

We carry out the packing and transportation of Subaru car parts procured in Japan and headed for SIA, located in the strategic region of North America. Starting with the design of optimal packing specications for diversied parts, we manage operations from the dra and execution of more ecient packing/vanning (container loading) plans to transportation to the port of shipment. Aer this, the parts travel via Los Angeles or Seattle to nally be delivered at SIA in Indiana.

In addition, we are also responsible for the integrated transport of parts, materials, equipment and molds of Japanese parts suppliers headed for the North American company.

Loading at the port

Creation of a packing/vanning plan

Flow of the packing/transportation of maintenance parts

Packing and transportation of maintenance parts for Japan and overseas

Realizing a low-cost and high-level transportation quality from packing to vanning

We perform the packing and transportation of Subaru car maintenance parts headed for dealerships throughout Japan and in over 100 countries worldwide. We respond to the needs of the dealerships across the globe through coordinating with the Subaru Parts Center to dra and execute optimal packing planning, quality management and transport planning for the maintenance parts stored at the center.

Packing design

Quality control