Wide-ranging support for aircraft manufacturing logistics

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The base of operations for the Aerospace Business Division is within the SUBARU Aerospace Company Aircraft Plant (Utsunomiya Plant and Handa Plant). Here, we are engaged in a variety of SUBARU factory logistics activities.

■Handa Division Operations

Inbound and outbound storage and warehouse management, kit supply, cargo handling, etc. for aircraft parts. >Offices

■Utsunomiya Division Operations

General aeronautic logistics such as export and import, warehouse management, cargo packing, etc., for aircraft parts. >Offices

Utsunomiya Division

At the SUBARU Utsunomiya Plant, we handle general aeronautic logistics such as aircraft parts import, warehouse management, inter-factory logistics (vehicle transport), cargo for large parts, shipping packing, drayage and product export.

Handa Division

At the KIT Center in the SUBARU Handa Plant, we handle warehouse management of aircraft parts, kit work, cargo work for large parts, etc.