Delivery Maintenance Division/Automobiles

Completing SUBARU vehicles with our incredible pre-delivery maintenance capabilities

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We perform option installation and vehicle body coating work on completed vehicles at 4 delivery maintenance centers across the nation, from the location of our headquarters in Ota City, Gunma, to centers in Chubu, Kansai and Fukuoka. Maintenance performed on new vehicles at these centers is done in cooperation with our Vehicle Logistics Division to ensure delivery to 35 distributors nationwide, and then to our customers. We perform meticulous maintenance under strict and professional inspection standards that demonstrate the quality guaranteed by SUBARU LOGISTICS knowhow.

Raising productivity and maintaining manufacturer quality

The past several years have seen an increase in electronic parts installation such as car navigation systems, ETC and rear-view cameras. Working hours per single vehicle are also on the rise, but we are increasing productivity through analysis of our work performance.
In 2018 we put the Kanto Delivery Maintenance Center into operation. This large-scale center boasts an efficient layout born of knowhow cultivated from our previous pre-delivery and maintenance successes. An accessory center that handles new vehicle accessories was set up on the premises for overall QCD improvements including shortened delivery times and better quality assurance. These improvements combine to play an important role in reducing the burden on domestic SUBARU distributors.

Pre-Delivery Maintenance Workflow

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