Vehicle Logistics Division/Automobiles

Safely and reliably delivering SUSBARU vehicles to distributors and export shipping ports nationwide

The Vehicle Logistics Division creates high quality and efficient transportation plans then manages their execution to ensure safe and reliable transport nationwide to SUBARU distributors and global export shipping ports. Vehicles produced at factories across the country are delivered to SUBARU distributors throughout Japan or to overseas export ports after undergoing pre-delivery maintenance at across the country domestic delivery maintenance centers. Through this system, we maintain the high quality of SUBARU vehicles and ensure their safe delivery.

Selecting the Optimal Transport Route

We select the optimal transportation route from more than 100 options over both land and sea. In order to ensure timely delivery and quality to our customers, strengthening connections such as transport companies and their infrastructure is essential.
For vehicles headed overseas, we arrange transportation from manufacturing plants to domestic departures(in Kawasaki, Yokohama, Yokosuka, Honmoku and Hitachinaka). We control ship schedules and port inventories as we aim for rapid and efficient transportation in order to export our vehicles to across the globe.

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