Planning and Administration Division/General Affairs

Planning and Administration Division

The Planning and Administration Division is the center of business management, housing a variety of departments, from business planning and general affairs to human resources, purchasing, accounting and information systems.
In order for the whole company to function smoothly and continue its growth as the sole logistics company in the SUBARU Group, these general departments work together to control business operation while also focusing on creating an environment that improves CS (customer satisfaction) and ES (employee satisfaction).

Organization that controls management resources to achieve company goals.

The Panning and Administration Division carries out logistics strategies as an outsourcing company in the SUBARU Group through the pursuit of safety and health for all employees, strengthening our compliance system, improving our understanding of human resources and cost as well as supporting operation efficiency by bettering our information systems departments.
We also promote a guidance system for business improvement and small-group activities, working to guide the entire group towards logistics excellence and strengthen those who further our growth as a company.

Organization and Duty Division

Planning and Administration General Affairs Work outside the company with bodies such as government agencies and organizations, premises management, welfare benefits, facility management, compliance.
Human Resources Human resource development education and training, labor management, salary-related operations, labor regulations.
Safety Safety, labor and traffic safety as well as other general safety and health operations
Purchasing General purchasing operations for company-wide equipment materials, furnishings and fixtures, office supplies, mechanical equipment, tools and vehicle transport equipment.
Corporate Planning Planning and adjustment of company-wide management policy, medium-term business planning, budget control, management of important meetings related to administration and promotion of business improvement.
Accounting Operations related to financial statements, fund planning, fixed asset management and accounting audit correspondence
Information Systems Information system planning, development, introduction and maintenance, information security-related operations and operations efficiency and support optimization using those systems.

Other Business Divisions