Quality Assurance Division/General Affairs

Realizing top industry quality for the satisfaction of every customer.

The Quality Assurance Division plays the vital role of assuming full responsibility for our quality.
We have a wide range of defenses in place for a multitude of fields, from small vehicle parts to massive aircraft.
A mutually supportive system is required for everyone under the SUBARU Group umbrella, from the company itself to our manufacturing sites and dealerships, in order to provide the highest standard of quality to all our customers.
We constantly strive to maintain and improve the quality of packing, transport, pre-delivery maintenance by prioritizing our judgments on quality from the customer’s point of view.

Quality Assurance Organization and Duties

Quality Assurance Division Quality Assurance Company-wide (packing, transport, inbound and outbound storage management and pre-delivery maintenance) quality maintenance and improvement as well as operations related to warranty
Customer Service Quality Customer response, prevention and proper handling of customer complaints to prevent reoccurrence and creation of quality assurance systems.
ISO Using ISO standards as a tool to promote continual company-wide operations quality improvement.
Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
Quality Management System (ISO 9001)
Road Traffic Safety (RTS) Management Systems (ISO 39001)

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