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Packing and transport of SUBARU vehicle parts for overseas manufacturing plants

KD is an abbreviation for knock-down, a manufacturing technique where all the parts of a vehicle are shipped overseas so that it can be completely assembled locally. We pack and transport automobile parts procured in Japan for SUBARU vehicle manufacturing plants overseas, though this is not currently performed for all components.
In order to produce SUBARU vehicles overseas that are equal in quality to our domestic models, we have made it our mission to provide packing and transport services that ensure part quality at the time of procurement.

Guiding packing specifications to ensure quality automobile parts.

The Auto Parts Logistics Business Division is responsible for the packing and transport of automobile parts, mainly procured in Japan, for Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) and the Malaysia Plant, SUBARU vehicle production bases in North America and Southeast Asia, respectively.
As the only logistics company in the SUBARU Group, our greatest strength is the ability to inspect packing specification in cooperation with SUBARU right from the new model development and product design stages. We are able to get early information on parts then work in coordination with SUBARU, local production bases and packing manufacturers to create packing specifications with quality assurance as the top priority.
We then perform final checks on packing specifications through vibration and impact testing as well as actual transport testing as needed to provide logistics quality and service that our customers can rely on.

Planning optimal transport loading efficiency.

Through flexible response to changes in size, shape, weight and other KD production changes, we make it our goal as logistics professionals to optimize packing specifications and efficiency for efficient packing and transport. We guide our customers through effective logistics such as plans that maximize transport loading efficiency while making shipping arrangements for both drayage (land transport) and maritime transport.
We aim to provide market competitive packing and transport with QCD in mind.

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