Parts Article Business Division/Automobile Parts

Inbound and outbound storage management as well as delivery transport management for repair parts both in Japan and abroad.

Our Parts Article Business Division is located within the SUBARU Parts Center. Here, we handle management and picking operations related to SUBARU vehicle repair parts for distributors, both domestically and for over 130 countries around the globe. In collaboration with the SUBARU Parts Center, we respond to global distributor needs through optimal packing design, quality control and transport planning of the repair parts handled at the center.

Flow of packing and transportation of repair parts

The role of the SUBARU Parts Center

SUBARU customers may need to replace vehicle parts for a number of reasons, from the results of checks and inspections, to breakdown or accidents. The SUBARU Parts Center stores and ships repair parts to dealerships throughout Japan and abroad to ensure prompt delivery of these parts (and repair products) to our customers.
We also store parts for navigation and audio systems, base kits and other accessories equipped on new vehicles per customer preference upon purchase and ship to pre-delivery maintenance centers as well as both domestic and overseas distributors.


We ship repair products and accessories to dealerships and pre-delivery maintenance centers, so there are no direct sales between our company and general market customers.
Instead, SUBARU LOGISTICS is responsible for parts center operations, such as inbound and outbound storage and transport management. Although we do not directly engage with SUBARU drivers, we play a vital role as the logistics company that ensures quality products can be delivered to all our customers.

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