Auto Parts Logistics Business Division [Outside Sales]/Automobile Parts

From Japan to the World: Global logistics that support SUBARU automobile manufacturing.

The Auto Parts Logistics Division (Outside Sales Division)handles all automobile parts as consigned to us by SUBARU LOGISTICS, with the exception of parts for knock-down kits and repair parts (Parts Article Business Division). In this role, we handle transport between SUBARU factories in the Gunma area, import and export arrangements, as well as inbound and outbound storage management for pre-assembly automobile parts. In addition to automobile parts, we are also responsible for transporting molds as well as inbound and outbound management and storage of completed vehicle manuals.

Making QCDS a Reality

We keep the importance of timely response at the forefront of our minds with QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery), which are all important to customer satisfaction. Adding “Safety” to this, we set about making QCDS a reality, and this supports the domestic manufacture of SUBARU vehicles.
We import parts from 12 countries daily and combined with the load of 6 containers per day, our air freight accounts for over five tons in a single day.
We also employ around 300 trucks per day to transport parts between SUBARU factories in the Gunma area.

Parts supplier-related import and export

This division is also responsible for export procedures necessary to transport cargo from parts manufacturers in the Gunma vicinity to our various North American subsidiaries. We arrange transport of seven 40-foot containers to the state of Indiana every day.
Maritime transport is our main method of moving parts from suppliers in Europe and all over the world to SUBARU manufacturing plants in Japan. However, air freight is also employed in high-urgency situations. Our strength is the ability to offer transport that accommodates respective needs under a variety of business conditions.

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