Automobile Inland Transport Division

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Experts in the transportation and pre-delivery inspection of automobiles 〜Realizing an optimization of automobile transportation and PDIs〜

We manage the transportation of automobiles based on highly ecient
transportation planning such as of deliveries for Subaru dealerships
throughout the country, the land transportation of automobiles for
overseas and exporting port shipments.
In addition, we perform quality control for the Subaru cars
manufactured at plants at all locations
within Japan by means of our six pre-delivery
inspection centers throughout the country and
are also responsible for the installation
of dealer options.

Automobile transportation Transportation to countrywide dealerships and ports of shipment We dra high quality and ecient transport plans and perform management in order to safely and reliably transport new cars to dealerships and ports of shipment throughout Japan.
The Subaru cars manufactured at plants throughout Japan are
serviced at one of our six PDI centers and delivered to
countrywide dealerships or ports of shipment, maintaining
the high quality of Subaru cars and providing peace of mind.

Transport planning New car pool

Pre-delivery Inspection Subaru cars nished by an excellent pre-delivery inspection At the stage prior to the Subaru cars being delivered to domestic dealerships, we take responsibility for the installation of dealer options, body coating, and the nal pre-delivery inspection. One-by-one, we scrupulously service approximately 80% of the Subaru cars sold in Japan under strict professional inspection standards.

Tohoku PDI Center

Ota PDI Center

Kanagawa PDI Center

Toki PDI Center

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